Original Dinner Games

Add some fun to your family meals with this collection of 51 dinner games to play while you eat!

  • Ages 6-12
  • 51 dinner games
  • Educational
$15.95 MSRP
Original Dinner Games Original Dinner Games Original Dinner Games Original Dinner Games
Product Details
Family enjoying dinner together
Enjoy dinner with your family!

Play Games During Dinner or Any Meal!

These quick, easy-to-play games, like Guess The Macaroni, Last Bite and Pass The Pepper, break up dinnertime routine and open up everyone to fun conversation.

No game board or game pieces required - just food and family. Kids learn creative & critical thinking, social skills, numbers & math and more. The games even encourage kids to eat their veggies and finish their milk! For families with kids ages 6 to 12.

  • Easy to play and quick - most games takes just a few seconds to a few minutes to play
  • Designed to be played at the table while you eat your meal
  • Some games are thought-provoking conversation starters; others are just fun
  • Many games involve eating dinner and drinking milk
  • Brings the family closer together